Baita ceara DS430

  • Producator: DENSTAR Korea
  • Cod produs: DS430
  • Disponibilitate: In stoc

  • 795.00 lei

  • (Fara TVA: 668.07 lei)

This product is a MULTI WAX POT that melts the wax for dental technician tools in solid state into the state of liquid. It is a product that user can make precise technical tools by having a certain amount of 3 waxes put into heating pot and melted after adjusting the temperature without the change of the property of matter and a certain temperature is maintained.


  • Individual temperature adjusting type: suitable temperature for the usage can be set per each 3 pot and the power of non used ports can be shut off individually
  • LCD display type: temperature setting and current temperature can be easily checked through the display window
  • Memory type: previous working status and set values are memorized even though power is off and on again as memory chip is built-in
  • Required temperature can be set correctly due to the digital circuit equipped with CPU and it is convenient to use as set temperature and current temperature can be checked in a state of Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Set temperature is maintained by the built-in thermostat regulator
  • Wax is melted fast for the attribute of wax is not changed while the state of liquid is maintained