BAOT Metal Ceramic Dentine C3 50g

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Dental metal porcelain power dentine is simulating dentin of natural teeth body that is suitable for metal dentures and can set the shade of the restoration body. BAOT Dentin is available in 16+26 shades of the classic Vita system, with low sintering shrinkage, which can perfectly lead to ideal results.

The chemical composition of BAOT dental ceramic/porcelain powder is silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, potassium oxide, sodium oxide, zirconia, calcium oxide, boron oxide, etc. It is mainly introduced from potassium feldspar, and through catalysis, it crystallizes repeatedly to form garnet crystals, which have good biocompatibility, chemical stability, strength, and hardness suitable for oral structure and function.

BAOT dental ceramic/porcelain powder is easy to build up, which is suitable for every dental technician. 16+26 VITA® classic shades satisfy your basic needs, while we also have the EFFECT series to meet more advanced aesthetic needs. All denture factories, dental labs, or individual orders are welcome.

Dentin Dental Porcelain Metal Ceramic Powder PFM

Dental Lab Material Metal Ceramic Powder DentinePFM Dental Lab Material Metal Ceramic Powder

PFM/Metal Porcelain Dental Porcelain Powder Dental Ceramics Dentin Body, factory direct sale

Dental Porcelain Powder for Ceramics layer

Product NameMetal Ceramic PFM Dentine
CTE*(10-6 · K-1)12.9~13.8
Glass Transition (°C)575
Flexural Strength (MPa)118
Bonding Strength(MPa)39.5
Chemical Solubility(μg·cm-2)31.8
ShadesA1 to D4, 1M1 to 5M3, Bleach Color

*CTE(Coefficient of thermal expansion)

Firing Parameters for Carlibrated Furnaces


Wash OpaqueOpaqueMarginBody*Add onGlaze & Stain
Drying temp (℃)550550550550550550
Drying time (min)233322
Heating time (℃)233322
Heating rate (℃/min)606055555555
Firing temp (℃)960940930920910890
Holding time (min)111111
Cooling time (min)444444
Cooling temp (℃)550550550550550550
Vacuum start (℃)550550550550550-
Vacuum end (℃)960940930920910-


    • *"Body" includes Cervical, Opacious Dentin, Dentin, Enamel, Transparent, Effect, Gingiva.
    • Our recommendation for firing temperature is based on numerous tests.
    • These firing parameters may be adjusted according to the peculiarities of different furnaces.
    • It is essential to test firing before production.
    • Please refer to "Instruction for Use" for details.

Dental Lab Material Porcelain Powder

PFM Dental Porcelain Powder Dental Ceramics Dentin Body

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