Disc CoCr Soft Metal 98x20 mm

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This new product spares us from the traditional wax investing and casting , simplifies the PFM procedure greatly and also decrease the possibilities of deformation.What makes our Dental Base Metal Alloy unique is its high precision, good strength,and superior wear-proof performance and better biocompatibility.

Dental Base Metal Alloy is intended for use in fabrication of  porcelain-fused-to metal crown and bridge restorations.

Technical Data

Proof strength of 0.2% non-proportional extension >500MPa

Elongation after fracture>2%。


Vickers hardness:270±27HV10

Corrosion resistance<200μg/cm2

Solidus temperature:1350±50℃,

Liquidus temperature:1410±50℃

Thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) (25 - 500℃):(14.5±0.5)×1-6/K

Metal-ceramic bond characterization>25MPa