Disc K2 white classic 98,5 x 12 mm

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Pre-sintered and yttrium-stablized zircon blanks for crown and bridge technique.

K2 zircon blanks white classic

·         opaque framework material

·         perfect for covering of colored tooth stump as well as post & core

·         suitable for large-span bridges till 14 units but with max. 2 pontics

·         particular good biologial compatibility

·         homogenous density and very fine grain for smooth milling results

·         high edge stability


Material properties:
Density:6.08 g/cm3
Flexural strength (biaxial):>1100 MPa
Grain size:<0.4 μm
Breaking strength:5 MPavm
Vickers hardness HV10:1250
Translucency (1mm, D65):35 %
CTE:10 10-6/K
Thermal conductivity:2.5 W/mK
Dissolubility:≤50 μg/cm2