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Analog wax-melter with ceramic heater and temperature stabilization
Dokatech - 1 V (Ukraine)

A wax melter with a Dokatech-1V ceramic heater  provides heating and automatic maintenance of the set temperature of the wax placed in the working container. The device is used to obtain wax caps and casts in the manufacture of rendered tooth models, as well as for continuous heating of high-temperature modeling wax masses in prosthodontics, dental engineering and jewelry. Wax melter with ceramic heater is designed to meet all your requirements for this device and is manufactured using the latest materials and technologies.
  The use of a ceramic container makes it possible to obtain the same thickness of the wax layer over the entire surface of the immersed plaster model.
  The wax melter ensures safe operation - the use of a ceramic container and a plastic body eliminates the risk of electric shock. The nichrome heater baked into the ceramic guarantees trouble-free operation of the wax melter for at least 5 years.
  The wax melter does not contain carcinogenic materials and, when heated, does not emit substances whose exposure may affect your health.
  Ergonomic body design, fast warm-up and high temperature accuracy provide exceptional comfort when working with an analog wax melter with a ceramic heater.

The main technical characteristics of the wax melter with Dokatech-1V ceramic heater:

Wax temperature: 50 - 120 °С
Temperature maintenance accuracy: 1 °С
Wax layer thickness: 0.1 - 0.5 mm
Bath capacity: 20 ml
Wax warm-up time: 6 -10 min.
Supply voltage: 220V
Power consumption:
heating: 60 W
average: 10 W