Spatula electrica Dokatech-4ST Turbo

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Digital electric carving knife for wax modeling with temperature stabilization and turbo mode
Dokatech-4ST Turbo (Ukraine)

Dokatech-4ST digital electric spatula with rapid heating turbo mode  provides heating and automatic maintenance of the set temperature of the working nozzle of the heater. The device is intended for working with wax masses used in dental and jewelry work for modeling models that are melted for the manufacture of casting molds.

A convenient handle and 4 pieces of various removable nozzles on the sting of the heater make it possible to perform the most difficult tasks in dental work and foundry work. The removable handle makes it possible to easily replace it or change it to another if necessary.

When using special nozzles, which are purchased separately, it is possible to use the device as a micro soldering iron for mounting radio elements when soldering with solders with a melting temperature of up to 300 °C.

The electric spatula is designed taking into account all the requirements for this group of devices, modern materials and original technical solutions are used in the design of the device. The long service life of the heating element is achieved by baking a nichrome spiral into a miniature ceramic insulator. The electric spatula does not contain carcinogenic materials and does not emit substances when heated, the influence of which can affect your health.
The ergonomic design of the case, fast heating and high accuracy of temperature maintenance ensure exceptional convenience when working with the device.

Main technical characteristics of the digital 4ST electric trowel with rapid heating turbo mode:
Nozzle temperature: 50 - 370 °C
Temperature accuracy: 1 °C
Diameter of the heater tip: 2.5 mm

Number of nozzles: 4 pieces
Guaranteed service life of the heater at least: 2000 hours
Supply voltage: 220V
Power: 20 W