Basic Resin 0.5 kg

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Designed for daily use in 3D printers for printing models.
Resin is odorless, models are rigid, low shrinkage and high accuracy HARZ Labs Basic Resin is a good choice to do first steps in 3D printing.
The absence of odor and low toxicity makes the resin ideal for use in the office, schools and universities. It is easy-to-operate with it due to low viscosity – easy to fill vat, to filter, to clean model and printer parts.
Resins is very accurate in wide area of curing time, that provide a good quality even at mistaken exposure, which reduces the time for learning 3d printing skills.

Appearance: Colored transparent liquid
Color: Red
Odor: Odorless
Viscosity according to Brookfield :0.6-0.8 Pa*s
Tensile strength: 20 N/mm2
Elongation at break: 6-7%
Hardness Shore D: 80-85
Shrinkage: 2.5%