Masuta vibratoare L

  • Producator: DENSTAR Korea
  • Cod produs: DS-500
  • Disponibilitate: In stoc

  • 1,149.00 lei

  • (Fara TVA: 965.55 lei)

It is designed to prevent formation of bubbles when plaster is poured into the human shape object and to let the plaster easily flowed into it. Several rings can be worked simultaneously by the strong vibration with large size vibrator and the wide vibration table.


  • generation of bubbles are controlled by minute vibration
  • simple appearance and is designed ergonomically for the convenience of the user
  • selection of long wave and short wave is possible
  • main body is protected from the flowing down foreign substance as control panel is located at inside of the rubber sheet
  • sheet cleaning is easy as attaching and detaching of the vibration table rubber sheet is simple