Disc CopraPeek 98x15 mm Rose

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  • 815.00 lei

  • (Fara TVA: 684.87 lei)


Light / Medium / Rose / Bio Classic

The very high biocompatibility of this high tech resin makes it the first choice for prosthetic bases, primary-, secondary- and tertiary constructions, metal free supra-structures as well as crown and bridge restorations. CopraPeek provides best comfort for the patient due to its minimal weight and extreme low thermal conductivity. Available in dentin A2 like shade “Medium”, “Light” grey, gum shade “Rose” and natural/not coloured “Bio Classic. CopraPeek is very plaque resistant, non-allergenic and tasteless.


The Facts

  • Flexible material, tasteless
  • Natural colour dentin A2 (Medium), light grey (Light), pink (Rose) and natural/not coloured (Bio Classic)
  • Better wearing comfort due to its light weight
  • Allergy-free and therefore highly biocompatible
  • Low plaque adhesion, very smooth surface
  • Suitable for the fabrication of crowns, bridges, denture bases,
    metal-free superstructures as well as for primary, secondary and tertiary constructions
  • In the version Bio Classic available as highly biocompatible material