Blocuri ceramica presata HT A3 - 5 buc

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IPS Ingot block (Press Lithium disilicate)—HT/LT(5 pieces)——for dental lab casting material

Biological Properties
Cytotoxicity test: 0 level
Short-term test for systemic toxicity: No systemic toxicity
Sensitization test: No sensitization
Hemolysis test: Hemolysis less than 5%
Ames test: Mutation negative
Oral mucosal irritation test: No oral mucosal irritation

Chemical composition:
SiO₂: 58.5%~72.5%
Li2O: 13%~15%
K2O: 3%~5%
Other oxides: 7.5%~25%

1.Ultra-thin veneer, minimally invasive repair
2.All-ceramic restoration materials with high aesthetics
3.Natural and lifelike color
4.Excellent aesthetic effect