Freza C.21L.010 x 1

Freza C.21L.010

Disc SHT precolorat D3 98x14mm

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Preshaded zirconia blanks

Preshade zirconia blanks are researched and manufactured by Xiangtong Medical Corportion. We select high quality exported zirconium powder, mixing with different colored powder, pressing ,shaping ,pre-sintering to make the zirconia blanks , helps solve the problems like uneven colors , spot, over obvious and negative color difference between the front and the back.

The zirconia blank is non-toxic and non-radioactive with excellent biological properties, teeth color is like the real teeth with good permeability and aesthetics. It is with high strength, good toughness and excellent wear resistance, X-cera pre-shaded zirconia blank is the raw material with excellent property for making crowns.

Applicable system: wielandsironakavolavaamann girrbach and cercon,etc.

IndicationsVeneers, anterior crown/coping

Sintering temperature1530


Density(after sintering)6.05±0.05g/cm3

Bending strength(after sintering):>900MPa

Sintering curve Room temprature→10/min to 900(preserve for 30min) →3.5 /min to 1530(preserve for 2h) →12 /min to 800 →follow the furnace cooling to room temperature