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X-COLOR dyeing liquids are independent developed and researched for zirconium full contour by XTCERA,containing A,B,C,D 16 shading serious and other special colors,which performs better matched with full contour from zirconia blocks produced by Coloring Liquid:

Shade A A1 A2 A3 A3.5 A4
Shade B :B1 B2 B3 B4
Shade C :C1 C2 C3 C4
Shade D :D2 D3 D4
T0 Incisal Liquid

Special Shade:P1 P2 P3 O1 O2 G1 G2

1、Rich in color ,good dyeing effect:16 basic colors and special shades could meet customers'genuine and aesthetic requirements to the greatest extent;
2.Excellent penetration power and shorter dyeing time:could fast penetrate to the intra teeth and easy to dye;
3.Easy to operate and stable in functions:easy and practicle dyeing methods greatly reduces the operational requirements for technicians,excellent dyeing stability
and repetatiblity;
4.Small effect on material property:test indicates the hardness and intensity changes little after dyeing.
5.Meet the requirements of integrity,use XTCERA zirconia blanks , dyeing effect could be better.

Dyeing methods:

Before dyeing , clean the zirconia teeth should be cleaned with a brush and blown up with an air gun(or clean with clean water or ultrasonic wave, dyeing must be done after drying )。

Coping dyeing


1、Choose proper container at demands and pour in coloring liquid;

     Note: shake the coloring liquid evenly;
2、Put the zirconia teeth into coloring liquid with a plastic tweezer ,dipping for 2 mins;
  Note: Make sure the whole teeth in the coloring liquid , do not separately dip different part of the teeth;
3、After dipping ,take the teeth out with a tweezer and clean the liquid on it with tissue(do not put the teeth on water-absorbing objects for a very long time;
  Note:Container, tweezer,tissue and other tools should be cleaned before operation;
4、Dry the zirconia teeth with a constant temperature box(100° for 20mins)or infrared light (30mins in a distance of 10cm)
  Note:Drying time for coping could be lessened propriately,while the dying time for crown ,bridge and bridge with missing teethcould be increased correspondingly.

Crown dyeing

Incisal brushing+ dipping:

1、Brush the incisal part(or cusp, edge ) of zirconia teeth two times evenly with incisal liquid using an op pen ;
   Note:When brushing the incisal part, pls avoid imbuing to other parts;
2、Dipping(same as the copping dyeing and dipping)


Storage temprature:0~10°;
Pls pay attention to the labels to avoid mixing up and failure in dying ;
This coloring liquid are specialized for XTCERA zirconia blanks, do not utilize for other blanks or mix with other coloring liquid;
Pls operate as recommended to get the best dyeing result.